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Wiki Webpage


The wiki webpage of the Communication Group contains a diverse set of articles and is aimed to help the new students get familiar with the available resources as fast as possible. It can also serve as a helpful reference for other students.

The appearance and syntax is very similar to wikipedia's. You need to register for the first time that you enter the website. Please use and contribute to the wiki this way: find what you need in the wiki; if you can't, then write an article when you found the solution. The webpage is currently being developed, and over time will grow into a valuable resource.

We have proposed the following outline for the webpage.


1)    Welcoming remarks

2)    Introduction to the comm. Lab

a.    Structure of our network

b.    Email lists

c.    Reading group

d.    Lab regulations

3)    A brief introduction to Linux

a.    How to manage your files

b.    How to set-up an email client

c.    How to use applications

                                          i.    C++ editors and debuggers

                                         ii.    Matlab

                                        iii.    Latex

                                       iv.    Xfig

d.    How to print

e.    How to connect to other machines

4)    About Westgrid

a.    Introduction

b.    How to get an account

c.    How to use sftp

d.    How to submit jobs

5)    Other resources





For questions concerning the wiki in general, please contact Ali Nezampour or Trung Thanh Nguyen.


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