Data Communications Group
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of British Columbia
2356 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4 Canada

Ph: 604.822.2872 (ECE)
Kaiser Lab Ph: 604.822.4985
ICICS 388 Lab Ph: 604.822.5084
ICICS2 X327 Lab Ph: 604.827.4117
Fax: 604.822.5949



Our group consists of three labs, one located in Room 4090 of the new Kaiser Building, one in Room 388 of the ICICS Building 1 (formerly CICSR), and one in Room X327 of the new ICICS Building 2.

Computing Equipment
There are currently a variety of models of Sun Workstations available for use by Communications Group members, such as Sun Blade and Ultra60s. A good part of our computing equipment is based on x86 PCs, some of which are set up as Linux compute servers for running all sorts of simulations. The workstations for students are brand new dual-CPU, dual-boot Linux/Windows Dell P4 systems:

  • shannon1 ~ shannon5 (Dell Xeon, 2-CPU, Lab 388)
  • rs-dell01 ~ rs-dell06 (Dell Xeon, 2-CPU, Lab K4090)
  • commlab01 ~ commlab31 (Dell P4, 2-CPU, Lab 4090)
The other workstations available for use are single CPU P4. Please contact your supervisor or other group member for more information on available resources.

Unix (Sun Solaris) Servers:

com-cfi-ux1 ~ com-cfi-ux5 (Sun Blade, 500MHz)

com-cfi-ux7 ~ com-cfi-ux9 (Sun Blade, 500MHz)

homa, postel, morse, bell, lamarr, rayleigh (Sun Blade, 500MHz)

victor10, hertz (Sun ultra 60, 2 CPU @ 450MHz)

Linux Servers:
com-cs1, com-cs2, com-cs3, markov, rice, nyquist, hamming, viterbi,

mach4 (file server for conference proceedings)



Lab K4090 - almanac (HP 4300), Figaro (HP4250),  gothic (HP1320n)

Lab 388 - cursive (HP1320n)

Lab X327 - serif (HP1320n)

A number of well-known software suites are available to our group members, such as OPNET, Matlab, Maple, Cadence, and many more. For your convenience, MS Windows machines all have installed the latest versions of the MS Office Studio, as well as other programming suites such as Visual Studio. Many students install other software suites such as NS2 in their own accounts as required by their research needs.

Lab Usage Guidelines

(approved by the professors using the lab)

We are sharing a large lab/office space, and need to establish some polices to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the work environment. Please follow the guidelines below at any time.

1. Be respectful of the rights of all lab users. It is unacceptable to cause disturbance by holding group discussions, etc. in the lab. If needed, please use the meeting rooms designated for the purpose.

2. Mute your cell phone. Step outside the lab if you need to use your cell phone.

3. Keep your voice down and keep the conversation short when using the lab phones. Please respect the need of lab users for a quiet research and study environment.

4. When using the stapler and hole-puncher, please do so promptly and quietly.

5. Do not be loud. Do not have loud conversation that unreasonably interferes with the ability of another person to work comfortably in a public site.

6. If you continually ignore these guidelines, your supervisor will be contacted and your privilege for using the lab may be suspended.



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